Search form's a wine and fisssh tasting event! After last year's successful pairing event we thought to try it again this year and take it up a notch. For this event we chose some of the best white wines and paired them with the... more
We are excited to welcome the winemaker and owner of Kalamos Winery, Mr Thanasis Ignatiou, who will present his wines from Amargeti, a traditional wine village in Paphos. A free wine tasting will follow.
While summer is gone, we are excited to welcome the new season at Oinotria and to share with you our favorite wines to enjoy during those dark and cosy evenings! On Thursday, November 23rd (7pm-9pm) we are going to taste the following wines:
The French family that owns Bodega Alta Vista, the D’Aulans, produces wine in several of the top wine-growing regions around the world from France to Argentina. On Thursday, 19th of October you will have the opportunity to try the following wines:
France and Italy, two of the Old World wine producing countries, have been competing with each other for centuries. At Oinotria you will have a chance to try some of the superior wines those countries have to offer. Cover charge: €5 per... more
From fruity New Zealand wines, to full bodied reds from South America: meet the New World! On Tuesday 29th of August you will have an opportunity to try some of the best New World wines from Australia, Chile, South Africa or New Zealand.